Mister Jiu's

With good reason, I had been wanting to try Mister Jiu’s for a while. I figured my boyfriend’s birthday would be a good opportunity and it absolutely lived up to the hype. Upon sitting down, we were handed champagne, which was a nice treat since we were celebrating! The staff was incredibly friendly and this continued throughout the night. We were told that around 5 dishes would be a good amount for the two of us so we went with the dutch crunch bbq pork buns, orange chicken wings, green beans, steak fried rice and the pork meatballs. Halfway through, they also brought us the hodo tofu skin (complimentary!), which was delicious and not something we would’ve originally thought to order. We both agreed that the steak fried rice and the dutch brunch buns were our favorite and that we would definitely come back!

As for drinks, I went with the “eternity” because I am a martini person and Matt chose the “wisdom” claiming he now has more of that since he is older (lol). We were going to pass on dessert (shocking, i know but we were so full) but then they brought one out for Matt’s birthday!

Overall, we had a great experience and I would highly recommend it! The service was amazing, food was delicious and it was also really cool to be able to see into the kitchen and see Brandon Jew cooking! The space is decorated well and the location is down a little Chinatown alleyway. Reservations can be a little difficult but if you plan ahead you’ll have no problem at all!